Saturday, 22 November 2008


Cor - I have had a day to day I tell you.
We did a local community hall Christmas fair this morning. It was scheduled 10am - 2pm, so I had to be up ready and organised to leave just after 9am so we could get there and I had time to get organised. You know me and mornings - don't say them both in the same sentence. Well, I got up and was really and we left at about 9.30 (ish).
It was lovely - every one knew each other - every one chatted. I talked to an elderly gent who used to have a business making bespoke silk underwear - you just never know who you are going to meet! He could see all my work was hand done with out me having to explain what I did, and stocked up.
I t was really busy, the old goat had a queue - then at about 12.30 - it stopped and everyone went home. So I was able to do the really fun thing I was looking forward to.
I went to meet Barbara Grey (Clarity Stamps). You all know I sing her praises on here all the time ((Hi Babara!!) - she was over at Janet's for the day. I missed out on the workshop (because I am a dozy kitten and never organised) so I went over to see her demonstrating in the shop. Did not stop long - just wanted to say hi really - I am working through her projects so am learning how she achieves the amazing effects (AND LOVIN' IT - YES).
It is not expensive to join her project club, and you start at the beginning so you don't get faced with things you have no idea about.
I had the latest project yesterday - now I am dying to get to the bench and tinker.

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