Saturday, 4 October 2008


After the highest peak of the tidal wave, there comes the gradual drift out and clearing of space: and so the work on my desk settles into a gentle wash, and glimpses of cutting mat and wood worktop start to appear.

I have just about caught up after my Mega weekend - even the paper work is up to date - all letters are posted - the work not wanted, has been collected - my 'holly' idea scribed, made up and in the shop - even some punched ferns that I 'will get round to one day', are laid out on card shapes, in work - the palace guard dogs are dozing on their cushions - the cats have been de-flea-ed and put to doze quietly - the palace is at rest - all the pigs are fed, and ready to fly.

You just knew it was too good to be true didn't you????
Well - almost there

I did work up some of The Holly And The Ivy cards. When I get an idea in my brain sometimes I have to work it up just to get it out of my head! This is my accordion fold front A6 card - that gives 3 small panels to embellish, and 3 plain backed panels to write on (I usually put plain paper on these so people will understand to write on it - they think it will spoil it). I LOVE this fold - it is made from one sheet of A4 (always use one sheet and cut it up - then the colours will match).




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