Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I have been shopping with my mate Julie @ Scrapbook Castle tonight. http://www.scrapbookingcastle.co.uk/ . She is selling up the shop and clearing the last of the stock. I have been using her shop for nearly a year now - I try to support the small shops and craft outlets. Apart from the fact that you are investing in, and supporting the folk who are 'hands on' and really know and care about their stock, these are also the paces to get the unusual / small designers / small print run / quirky / and downright odd(!) papers. I have had some of the most amazing 'picture' scrapbook papers from her - never seen the like anywhere else. She also has(had) the prettiest paisley papers I have ever worked with.
All her stock is 60% off for the last couple of weeks she is open - so get in quick and help her close with a bang
That is the 2nd supplier I have lost in a few months: sign of the times? But it also means I need to find a couple more small, reliable, independent, all knowing, varied, reasonable prices with good sales, kind, helpful suppliers - know anyone??
Sending the very best wishes to Julie and her crew and wishing her all the best for what ever venture she takes on next. Thanks hunni.

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