Friday, 31 October 2008


This is my new holiday home!!!

In the summer Princelet decided he is too old to go on holiday with boring old mummy anymore so that was our last time away in our caravan.

So the old goat persuade next door to give us half their garden (they hate it anyway) and is going to put me a little cabin and some training space for the dogs. Watch this space for updates!!

While at the bench I was tinkering with some of the bits that I got in my bundle from the USA, some really interesting metal, well, mini sculptures really. Very different, corrugated, coiled, silver, copper, cut and embossed shapes. I teamed them up with some dull fawnie card stock, baroque brown paper and a straw linen, printed and textured paper. I have just bought some copper pearl card to matt with and I will scribe a greeting in brown.
Very pleased with them

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