Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Had to go to the Doc for a medication review - I love the way they say 'try this - don't know if it will help, but what the heck, just try it'. Inspiring eh? He has doubled my morning meds and offered to double my night time ones - but it would make me groggier. Not much point in that one then, I can feel grotty enough, making me worse in the hope I will get some sleep is a non runner. He is very good, my Doc (so is the consultant at the hossie) I can have a go at just about anything I feel like: just don't expect it to do much really!
I have got most of the shop up-to-date and back on line now, there is only the albums to go through. I have been meaning to have a check up and clear out for ages, so it's good to sort it all out before I start again on the run up to Christmas.
My desk is now covered with piles of cut card ready to make up into piano hinge albums. I am experimenting a bit with sizes this time and I have included a 4" x 6" and a 3" x 6" as well as 6" x 6", A6 and A5. Hope to get them bound tomorrow afternoon - if I can move after yoga tomorrow morning!!!

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