Saturday, 26 July 2008


Far too hot again today - for 'real' work that is: for me, perfect - I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this heat. The docs say I have a 'low core body temperature', which (in English) means I feel the cold and it take ages to get warm. Warm today folks!!! Tomorrow is going to be hotter, l o v e l y . Then the weather is going to break - so back to work!

Anyway, I have been in my summer house playing on the DS that princelet and I bought last year, ALL DAY (and read the papers). Then, I thought I would add the DS games I have to the library. I don't have many, mainly because the choice in the games section scares the hell out of me and I run away. But, I have managed to buy one or two: and am getting interested. So -
SEE-LIBRARY-DS SOLITAIRE for the first one

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