Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Project Tuesday - key fob kit

Something a bit different to wet your sewing buds.  I have used this fun little technique to make a bag charm - but  you can use the same trick with all sorts of fabrics to make decals and hangers - detail to add to bunting - make tiny ones in Christmas fabric to add to the tree.  The method is below - and on my website - the complete kits are in the shop - while they last

You will need:
8” x 8” patterned fabric
8” x 8” contrast fabric
1 x fancy button
1 x key ring or bag fob
Thread sharp needle
Short piece of ribbon

1 – cut a 7” diameter circle from each of the patterned and contrast fabric.
2 – with the right sides together- ¼” in from the outer edge stitch around the circles – leaving a 2” gap to turn.
3 – before turning – clip around the curved raw edges to help it sit flat.
4 – turn fabric right side out and press well.
5 – top stitch around close to the edge all around the circle to close the gap.


6 – with the contrast side on the inside
– fold the circle in half and mark the edge crease with a pin or pencil.
- fold these marks together and mark the edge crease with a pin or pencil.
7 – bring 2 opposite marks together and over sew a couple of times to join – do not break the thread.  Place the join in the centre of the circle.

8 – bring in one of the other marks to the centre – and over sew a couple of times
- bring in the last mark and secure to the centre.  Do not break the thread.

9 – open up each petal in turn so that it sits flat and fold the point over the base corner into a ‘collar’ shape.
10 – Add a fancy button to the centre.
11 – loop the ribbon through the fob and sew on to the inside of one of the corner.



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