Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Project Tuesday - dressing our dolly

I am not sure what this month has done - I think I have got my dates muddled - either that or I have been off in the Tardis again!

This week we are making a simple sun dress for our dolly - and just for once - considering the weather - I am spot on!!

For this project you will need a small piece of lightweight cotton - or poly cotton for the dress - and either a needle and thread or sewing machine.  You know I love to hand sew - and I find it much easier on these small projects than using a machine.

For the sleeve trim and  neck tie you can use a bit of ribbon - I wanted to try out my smallest Bias binding binding maker.  I have a set of all the different sizes and I hardly ever use the smallest  it's such fun to make your own bias!

The pattern is here - but the instructions are deliberately vague.  You have so meany options for the finishings that you can experiment with all of them in different fabric and you will have a whole new wardrobe for your dolly

This is your pattern - you will need 1 front - take notice of any pattern direction in your fabric cos you don't want an upside down pattern!

 you will need 2 back pieces - as well as the pattern direction - make sure you have one for each side - arm holes on either side!

This is a really simple pattern.  Sew up the side seams - sew up the back seam leaving about 1" at the top.  Hem the bottom of the dress.  Sew the shoulder seams.  Neaten the arm holes - either turn under a hem - trim with ribbon - or use bias binding.

Finish the neckline - either turn down a small hem - add facings - trim with ribbon - or use bias binding.  You will need a fastening at the top of some kind.  Either finish your neatening a the back seam edge and add a tiny hook / button / snap fastening - or use ribbon / bias and leave long tails so you can tie a bow



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