Friday, 19 May 2017

Huge great chopper

Well it is! - It's a butcher's cleaver in remembrance of the original purpose of the ally (Shambles were ware the butchers gathered together).  The council has had 2 of these made - one for each end of the alley to help us stand out a bit.  There are no butchers in the alley now - the last guys retired last month.

We have also had new sign board added each end of the alley walls - and the hodgepodge jumble mess of the old signs has been cleared away and the entrances refurbished.

I rather like it - it is much cleaner and neater.  There are 2 empty spaces - the butchers shop is empty (hopefully in the process of being sold - so it won't be empty long) - and Alex in the Polish shop is hoping to move to bigger premises down the way a bit.

The town square is also having a bit of a makeover.  It will take much longer than normal though because of the market - they keep having to stop and clear away so the stalls can set up.  They are supposed to be putting in a pretty paving area and several new benches.

I upcycled the boards I had on the end that were removed and put them on the shop front - you can't waste them can you? 

The goat repainted them for me and put the logos on properly and then screwed them to the shop front.  They are covered during the day with the table and display - but they show at night and when we are closed so I can put stuff on them.


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