Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Project Tuesday - make a dangly charm

So - let's make a little dangly charm piece - you can use it as a pendant - or make 2 for earrings.  You don't have to use these exact materials - it's more the process that you can use and reuse to make your own projects.  Once you have mastered it - you can go on to use the same process to make bigger projects - add several to a chain - or make a bag charm - multi hanger necklets - add several to a bracelet - once you can master the process - you can do anything with it.

you will need - a pair of round nose pliers - a pin with a flat base - a feature bead of you choice - a couple of small charms - a couple of small size jump rings

anything along these lines will be fine - the most important bit is the round nose pliers - that is what gives you the perfect round shape that makes your work look professional.

Personally I like to use oval jump rings - it moves the join spot just out of the way so that all the wear is well away from the join.

add a jump ring to the top of each charm

slide the feature bead onto the pin

add the charms onto the pin

use the round nose pliers to shape the top of the pin.  You will need to leave a bit of a gap before you start to shape the end shape.  Work high on the plier arm so you get a bigger ring space.  Let the plier shape the ring so that you get a good 'round' shape.  

Then you will need to use the pliers to pull the wire end really tightly around the wire close to the added charms.  Give the end a couple of wraps round the pin to really secure the loop and snip off any tail.

Slip onto a chain.



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