Friday, 24 March 2017

Teddy Bear stitch

There have always been 2 knitting stitches that have fascinated me and I have wanted to try out.

This is teddy bear stitch - I just could not fathom how the loops were created and how they stayed there with out snagging everywhere.

actually - it's not all that hard!  It is a bit fiddly - yes - got to admit that - and you have to concentrate and watch the needles - but it's all done with a knit stitch - looping the yarn round your thumb and there is a brilliant way you 'lock' the loop in place so it stays secure.

1 - knit the first stitch
2 - knit the next stitch - but don't take the stitch off the left hand needle
3 - bring the yarn under the needle to the front
4 - wrap the yarn round your thumb
5 - knit into the same stitch again and slip it off the needle
6 - pick up the first knit stitch you worked and lift it over the second - this locks the loop.

work a plain knit stitch

repeat the loop stitch.

work along the row alternating a loop with a plain knit stitch.
work a plain knit row.
work another loop row working the loop stitch over where you did a plain knit stitch before so you get a staggered fur effect.

brilliant for teddies - sheep - hedgehog backs - etc.
You can work it on any already written pattern because it's just an addition to the fabric - not a change in the actual workings.


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