Saturday, 4 March 2017

Saturday Art Day

Well it took several days days to get the phone line sorted - but we are back up and running again.  It's been so frustrating not being able to work properly.

I spent the afternoon working on my practice page.  I have turned the page upside down - worked in turquoise

the ink is not bleeding into the new colour at all - which is really interesting - I had expected it to blot together.

I have erased all the guidelines and now I am working the long side of the page.  I wanted to do a green - but this is the closest I have.  It is a viridian from the winsor and newton drawing ink range - but it is very old so it has probably changed colour - but in the interests of decluttering and finishing up what we have - I resisted the urge to drop into Malcolm's (Iridium - 3 doors down from me) to pick up a bottle of green Diamine ink - I just adore this ink - it's the best I have ever used!  - But we are using up stuff - so I have been good! GRRRRRRR.

It's really looking fun now.  Next week I am going to go the other way with a different colour


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