Thursday, 9 February 2017

New wall is coming along!

I am definitely starting to get my 'omph' back!!  I have been able to get up in the mornings this week - and I have had a little bit of energy to get on with the decorating.

I had to get the old goat to give the stripped wall a good sanding - I just could not manage that - but once it was done - and washed - I have been able to make a bit of progress.

So - I gave the plain wall a couple of coats of white paint to undercoat and make it all the same.  I am going to put 3 strips of wallpaper in the middle behind the sofa - so I marked out where that will go.  Then I have given the sides the first coat of lilac paint.  I am really pleased with it - I have been saving this wall paper for years.  It should be nearly finished by the end of the week.  Then next week I can get everything clean and put back in place - and some new dressings for the sofa will be in order.

Actually - seriously - I really have to get on and sort out the living space.  All the fleece arrived yesterday.  Who needs to get into the room anyway - opps!!!!!


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