Thursday, 12 January 2017

Jewellery fix

Jewellery making has always been big in the shop - and this year it is growing even more with it's very own new dedicated wall and storage space.

This is the work in progress.  It used to be the habby /sewing board - I have bought a new 6 cubby hole storage unit - and the slat wall has been moved up on top of it.  This whole section will be jewellery making. 

I am still trying to find shelf space for a stock of beads - need more space!!!!

For this year I had the idea of doing a monthly explanation of some of the jewellery finding - tools - supplies - anything you need really.  So on the 3rd Tuesday of the month I will try to un-pick some of the mysteries and makings on the Jewellery world.

It's funny how the world goes round - I am actually a trained jewellery.  In my second work life I went to work for a proper jeweller.  I think that's how I got my 'yes - we can' attitude.  I coordinated with amazing arts and crafts people, importers, factories, single skill tradesmen with talents to die for - from this country and all over the world.

So If there is anything you would like to cover let me know and I will do my best.


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