Tuesday, 3 January 2017

And - back to work

Holiday is over  and I am champing at the bit to get back and move on with this year.

It's been a tough year - first quarter I was seriously thinking that the shop would fall.  None of us was prepared for the downturn in the town after the floods - and it just went on and on.  I wore myself out trying to get help - practical and financial - to tide me over until things improved.  Nothing - no help - no one would lend a hand - even the landlords ignored all the whole alleys plees.  Then - after Easter - things lifted a bit.

I put in for a grant to the community flood relief charity - it was really gutty - I had to submit all my accounts - plead my case - and try to get them to understand my crazy little business.  Bless them - they compensate me for loss of earnings January/Febuary/March - then gave me a little top up for April/May/June.  It was not a huge amount - most people will take home more than that in a month - it was just that they listened - and could see the value in supporting me through the bump.

That - and the old goat paying my flat rates for 6 months this year - are about the only reason I am still here.  I have been holding on just for tonight - for the past 8 months.  It has been such a tough ride!

S0 - as they say - what went well / badly - what would you change. Not all the monthly tasks survived!  
 - I have loved doing the monthy kits - that's going to stay
 - the videos bit the dust pretty fast - perfectly comfortable in front of the camera - but - lack of time -    lack of skill to do the editing - oh and I blew up the laptop that had the editing on and they would        not let me transfer it to my new one!  So that has been a flop!
 - something that really surprised me - I struggled with the layout sketches - never expected that one -     lived and died for the past 8 years on paper crafting and I just could not create them!!!!!  I don't          know if it was because my head was so stretched elsewhere that I could not get in settled in - but        it became too much of a problem child to continue with.
 - the knitting squares - love - love - loved doing these.  I have no idea how many (or not!) of you           have followed along because they are out here and on my site for free - but knitting is my second         language.  If I could send emails with knitting needles I would have such a huge following ;-)             Seriously - these will continue.

Next year - focus shiftling slightly.
 - the 'Kit of the Month'  - keeper. With more sewing projects and some embroidery types too.
 - knitted squares - with the odd variation!!!! - will continue
 - we will be doing less paper crafting - moving more into knitting/crochet and fabric - I am just not      selling paper/card anymore ? ? ?  Sorry - what can I do?  I have to stock what is selling to pay the        rent and yarns  - fabric - habby is growing. Also more sewing kits - you have been asking for more      embroidery and the like.
 - jewellery making will be growing.  I have a new wholesaler and I am finding my way around their      site so let me know what you need.  
- and if you are wondering how it's all going to fit in - we are having a bit of a move about and re-fit.      Couple of new units and a few alterations to streamline and tidy.  

I am going to make a huge effort to be more organised this year.

You know the old Jewish proverb - Man plans - God laughs - -  - - come on then 2017 let's see what you got!!!!



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