Thursday, 22 December 2016

I have eaten my frog!

Don’t panic – no slicing and dicing of our cute little Kermit is involved!

This is a tip I picked up from my business mentor to help you get things done.

If you had to eat a frog before you go to bed today – when would you eat it?

We all have ‘those’ projects.  You know – the ones we started with all good intentions – and then went off - - or the ones that have got buried because we ran out of something – or we passed over on to more exciting things – or sparked off another idea.  Those are your ‘frogs’.  We push them away in the cupboard – or burry them in boxes and forget all about them – well we try to forget all about them – but they niggle away at our subconscious and hold us back – those are your frogs.

Soooo – you HAVE to do it.  You have to eat your frog today.  Do you put it off for as long as possible and not go to bed for 3 days because you really just can’t – or do you slice your frog on toast for breakfast and get it over with because that way – you can play all day without it hanging over your head all the time.

Meet my frog of the past 8 months or so.  I started it because I never make enough 'big dog' jumpers - but I had only done about 4" and I went off it.

 It has been sitting in my favourite work basket (thinking as it was in my favourite basket I would do something about it! – yeah – right -  don’t work).  Every time I finish a project and am looking to fill in an odd evening I have picked it up and done a bit - but I have hated every minute of it!  This year I have been making a huge effort to finish – tidy – clear – and I have finally finished it.

The positive side is - I love the basket weave stitch - so I will be writing a new jumper pattern with that stitch - but a nicer body pattern.

I can’t tell you just how good it is to have finally finished chewing on my frog!!!!!!


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