Thursday, 24 November 2016

neat and tidy

Sooo chuffed with myself - I have my shop kitchen back!

I haven't seen the worktop for about 6 weeks - since I started the big move arround for Christmas - but I have really concentrated last week and this week - and finally got (almost) everything in it's place.

I have had a good old clean up and all the tops are clear and sparkling again.  There are still a couple of baskets that are 'spare' - but 3 of my 4 work surfaces are clear for Christmas.

I once had a job where we all had our own work boxes - and you could not leave for your holiday until your personal box was clean and empty.  Everything had to be accounted for - away being worked on - waiting for a response - or alocated to someone else to keep an eye on.  It was a really god system and I have never quite got it out of my system.  I am not nearly so disaplined now - but I still set work targets - like my week off at Christmas - to have the worktops clean.  I find it really helps clear my mind of all the junk I carry arround al the time


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