Sunday, 6 November 2016

I have been missing

Huge - HUGE - apoligies all round - I havve been largly absent in the social media circles for some while.

I had a fall a couple of weeks ago - and I an afraid that it has totally knocked the stuffing out of me.  

The brusing and swelling has just about gone - and I am pretty much managing to get about and do what I want now.  But the fibro has kicked off again ( I was warned it would after such a shock) - the fatigue has kicked in again - and my confidence has taken a huge knock.  I am in huge amounts of painf and totally exhausetd.

I have been spending all my energy on getting the shop sorted out for Christmas.  I have finished the bulk of the stock shopping I wanted to do - got some wicked new present ideas!!!!!  I have reorganised the shop and am gradually getting the muddle tidied up (just don't look in the back room!!!!!).  I won't be decorating the shop this year - sorry - saves on energy - and I will be using up the Christmas cards I have made in previous years to send out to friends (same reason - plus dejunking!).

For the same reason I didn't have an 'Art Day' yesterday.  I just don't have the concentration at the moment - I have wedding to get out and that is taking up al my concentration.  It takes a lot of mental agility to work up a calligaphy page - even if you don't realise it at the time - you are working really hard - so I don't really plan on having anything organised in the art line until next year (it's only a few weeks).

SO - bottom line - I am going to concentrate on the shop sales (we soooo need the money!) - try to chill out as much as possable - not get stressed - and just take what the days give me.

If you need me to do anything for you - just ask (and nag) - seriously - if you want anything you need to ask - it's not a problem - I can fit it in if I know - I just won't be able to think of it for myself.

Counting down to my holidays!!!


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