Saturday, 10 September 2016

Saturday Art Day

End of the week again.  I have to admit that I get really tired by the end of the week now.  I wanted to do something that did not involve a lot of concentration so I thought I would do a bit along with Rebekah Jones - it's ages since I did any art journaling in my Bible, and she has a lovely, sothing voice to work along side.

I did 2 very simple pages - but I still learnt something new.

This one is an embossing folder directly into the book - because Bible pages are so fine you just use the pressure of your fingers to emboss - you can actually hear and feel the paper shaping.

 I used the end pf my dusting brush to save my little fingers.  I expect the paper will gradually flatten again in the book - but the ink shading will stay put.

The second is Gelatos blended with a baby wipe - and a stencil

Very simple - but at least I have done something.


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