Saturday, 2 July 2016

Saturday Art Day

You all know I have a bit of a thing for dragons - so could not resist this double spread.

He was drawn with a Copic fine line brush - then painted with my Gansai watercolours.  There is a couple of bit of text still to do - and a bit of detail doodling - but I am tired and I want to start fresh to it.  

I use my watercolour paints a bit differently - I use them with a waterbrush straight off the block. Gansai are more like a gel than the hard brick like pans that you normally get - and you can pick up little bits of colour directly with a wet brush and blend straight onto the paper.  As the paint is less wet than normal you can control the way the paint colours fade into each other much more than you can than with a wash.

Plus I have the full set of Gansai - so the spine and wings are the most glorious metallic glittery effect.

The large set is nearly half price on Amazon at the moment - so I will share the link if you fancy a set.


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