Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Kit of the month - Cutlery holders

Who sneaked in July??  Not nearly ready for half the year to be gone - plus it's so chilly I have started on the dogs' winter knitting- and the weather forecast was saying there would be a grass frost!!!!!  The workshop I want to on Monday was about business and climate change - they said - long - dry summers - yeah - waiting for that one ;-)

Anyway to celebrate the long - dry - hot summer (soz - I plan these a couple of months ahead - and it was hot then) - the month's kits are to make a couple of really pretty cutlery holders.  The kit has enough materials to make 2 co-ordinating pouches - and the patterns.  Once you know how to create them - you could make them to match your picnic set - or dining table for a posh dinner setting


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