Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday Art Day

Going back to my roots!!

Things are beginning to settle and I am finally getting a bit of clear space in my head to do some art of my own.  So I am going back to my calligraphy roots.  I have treated myself to one of Dyan Reavley's big journals and I am going to copy the Book of Shadows from the tv show Charmed.  I love the series - and the book fascinates me - so I though I would give it a go.  Back to proper scribing where I feel safe and comfortable.

It has been quite a busy day - so I haven't got very far - but that's ok - this is a long patient, time taking task - and it's been wonderful to be a bit busy again.

I shall do a lot more fiddling about before  am done - and it might be next Saturday before I am finished as I have a big wedding to get out in the week.


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