Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yeah - walls!

There is one thing about the town being so quiet - I have been going home and taking it out on my walls!!!

I am way ahead of what I thought I would manage - and I am so pleased with it.

The plates were a gift.  It was actually these that started off the project - I could not put them up on the wall until it was stripeed and re-painted.  I bought the wall paper a couple of years ago and had just not got the bottle to start it.

The dark purple and gold have always been accents in the room - but I have changed the wall colour from light pink to the lilac.  I was a bit worried if it would match the colours - but it all tones in very well.  I was going to continue along that same big wall - but I think I will work the other way - under the window and behind the sofa.  That way I won't see the mess so much!.

I will have to wait a bit before I do anymore - I have to help my son out with his top floor - he's struggling to get it all done.


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