Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunday catch up

You are going to have to forgive me for a bit chaps - life is getting a bit complicated!

I am sure many of you are well aware the problems that the town is having in general this year - and there is no end in sight any time soon.  I am working flat out to keep not only my head above water - but to keep my son's business going over the next few months.  He is just not coping at all!

We have one event room ready to hire for meetings / clubs / functions etc - and I am currently renovating the 2nd floor room of his building to rent out as an office / workshop / studio space on a monthly lease.  It's such a character building and would make a fantastic creative space for someone just starting  out that wants somewhere at a very reasonable rent, but still town centre.  

I have had to put all my own plans on hold for the next couple of months while I spend all my energies on this - and as for any art projects - my headspace is a mess and my personal creative juices are non-existent at the moment.  Thank goodness I got my corner walls at home finished - at least I am not in a mess at home.

Much as I love old buildings and decorating - it really is too much for me and I should not be doing it at all - but needs must and we have the next 3 months to pull it all back together.  It's so frustrating - he was coming along fine until the storms hit and wiped out half the town.  Now everyone is really struggling.  We have lost 6 shops this past couple of months - some newer ones - but some that had been in the town for a good few years.

So basically - please be kind and patient - and don't expect too much from me for the next couple of months.  I will try to share a couple of simple things every week and my cute kitten picture on Mondays.


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