Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My new look craft room ( pictures!)

I am dead chuffed with my new summer house makeover.  Inspired by Clare Curd who built a craft room shed at the bottom of the garden last year - and it looks so cool - and mine looked such a mess.  

I struggled with the old depression last summer - all the rain and the shop leaking were not the best ways to rest and relax!  So I did not get down to the end of the garden - and the 'I will just pop it in the summer house for a bit' fairies began to creep in.

Down the bottom of the garden (where the fairies live) - - - is my summer house

We built it from a flat pack about 8 years ago (wow) - and the storms of last year made a mess of the veranda - one end is sort of still there - the other end has gone - and the uprights that I used to hang baskets on have all gone.  The doors need to come out and be reset - but we need warmer weather so we can take them off and reseat them.  There are no pots or flowers - it's all flopped out for the moment - needs thinking about for next year!
This still very much a work in progress - and there is still loads to do - so - be kind

Inside - I have turfed out all the unwanted crap and gone for a really simple, clean look.  This is my knitting space - right in front of the window so I get the natural light - and I can look out over the garden to the old goat's outside art house and up to the fells.  
Soft white on the walls with a contrast black on the window (and door soon) - with the odd flash of zingy lime left over from the last decorating (this is the 3rd makeover of the house - I have had it a long time).  The corner storage is something that the goat built from kitchen units years ago.  It is serious storage space- but needs clearing out!  There is a spare knitting machine set up that will either go to it's new home - or be stored - so the clutter will reduce soon.  The yarn winders are all set up - ready to be used - sooooo useful. There is electric - so I can have heat - I am using a quick instant heater - but the black box there is a really pretty 'fire' that I need to sort out!
The fabric that I am using as a pretty, floral curtain covering one end wall was a gift - the vague idea is that I can add knitted panels at the side and middle to create a textured wall that will be snug and cosy.  I do a lot of  sketching - planning - sewing - and general 'chilling' in this space so I want it to be more lounge than office.  The seating is my darling old mum's - so she is still with me here.  The big hampers came from woolworths - yes - really - and store pillows - blankets.
 Also from my darling old mums - the cabinet.  There is an extra shelf for it somewhere when I can find it - this will be my main 'cone' yarn storage.  The big, dark lump on top is actually an old hand cranked sewing machine that I am going to strip and rewax the wood.  A gift from an ex-mother-in-law who has been (and still is) so supportive of me and mine over the past 20 years+.  I want to Zing it for a more 'now' look - but still keep it as a working machine (if I can find the how to do for a machine that predates everything I know - shuttles anyone!!!!)

I am toying with the idea of painting the roof white and the cross beams black - but I haven't decided yet, there is no rush once I get everything straight I can decide then.  The hanging candelabrum was something that I bought THE VERY FIRST TIME I came to visit the lakes and took home and altered.  It has has several makeovers over the years - and I just love it.
 This is my knitting station - so still so much to do - so much to learn
Really looking forward to this summer - new stuff to do


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