Thursday, 10 March 2016

Knitting Madness

This is the current state of the summerhouse.  Not quite sure what I have got myself into here!!! - I have all these boxes and boxes of - - 'em - stuff - not even the person that gave it all to me knows what it all is.  There are 3 knitting machines - 2 ribbers - some sort of finishing machine - lace carriages - loads of extra parts in little boxes - goodness only knows what the 2 big extra beds of knitting pins are for.

There are loads of books and patterns and a couple of boxes of yarn cones - and of course I had goold old YouTube.  I managed to get one of the machines set up ok - and followed the instructions.  I  have learnt one way to cast on - and I have managed to do a bit of plain knitting.  I haven't learn't how to cast off yet - there seem to be a couple of extra thingies for that.

Yes - it is perched on my way too small side table in the summer house.  The old goat was pottering about in the garden making me a proper knitting table to use.  Knitting tables are narrow, long - and quite low as you work just above lap height - not as high up as a work table.

I don't know if I will ever get good enough to do all the fancy lace work pattern books - or the books with all the pictures in - but if I can manage a few plain strips I can make blankets and big dog coats.  I have a range and look in mind for that, and I will aim to have a few picture coats next Christmas.

I will keep you up to date as I progress - anyone out there that can use a knitting machine - all advice would be VERY welcome.


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