Friday, 19 February 2016

New storage drawers

This is just soooo stinking cute!!!  It ticks all my boxes

I have been keeping an eye out for some type of new storage for all the Posh Dog bits and bobs - I have out grown what I was using and it was stating to creep across the floor in various guises.  Then I saw a picture of this and went on a hunt.  Prices varied from £25 up to £49 for exactly the same thing - it just shows that you have to look around.

It has 10 shallow drawers - so it is perfect to divide up for the clasps and the sliders stc.  I can have a drawer for each type of fitting - as well two to sort out the wide / narrow ribbons.  It's small and neat -  but the trays are quite big - and it's very pretty - and it's quite strong.

I am happily playing with all my dog stash to organise it all.  I may do you a video when I have finally worked out a way to keep everything in order- and you can see all the bits and bobs that go into the dog items


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