Friday, 12 February 2016

Loooove Playing

I love playing with yarn.  I love the whole process of making a long string into something you can wear or use.  

At the moment I am playing with crochet.  Now - I am the first to hold my hands up and say I am still learning so much about crochet - and you lot have cornered me into it because you all want to learn it.  This week I have been experimenting with a poncho pattern for the dogs for the spring nights when they just need a bit of warmth round the shoulders when they go out.

This is a very light and lacy pattern worked up from an inspiration from posh pooch patterns.  I am rewriting the whole pattern to break it down in stages so I can follow it and create the bigger sizes I need for the bigger dogs.  As I write patterns for the beginners - I understand much more that you have to explain and break things down into bite size chunks.

Also in work is this

This was inspired by a photo I saw.  It is a technique called 'Crocodile stitch' and I wanted to practice how to create the look before I started experimenting with the various lengths for the guys.  I have the idea of working it up as a 'party' collar in the metallic yarns.  So sparkly gold and silver - red for the guys - perhaps it will need to be 3 layers deep for the bigger dogs.  Imagine sparkly red on a black lab - oooooohhhh yumms.  It takes AGES to 'do the math' and work and re-work up this kind of project - there is only me here - doing everything ;-) - - - so for next Christmas (!!!!!) - we should have a full set of party collars for the guys to strut their stuff in.

Watch this space - - oh and the Posh Dog Blog


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