Sunday, 31 January 2016

The dreaded stock taking!!!!

I am spending the day updating the website with all the jewellery findings.  Next year I am really going to add to this section of the shop - and loads of you are already putting in your requests.

The findings are already pretty well stocked - but I want to add some of the more 'oddities' and hard to find stuff.  I also want to add more beads like - wood - shell - fimo - seed size - to the natural agates and glass that we already keep - fancy adding a few of those 'mixed variety' style packs - but I am not keen on stocking the plastics and acrylics - and definitely won't be selling single beads!  I don't have the space to layout loads of single beads - and - to be honest - I can get the real thing at pretty much the same price as a bit of plastic - wouldn't you rather have a real natural agate / gemstone?  I am quite happy to halve the string of beads if you want less - that's fine.

I am working my way through the big back log of stock I picked up when my chap retired and listing it on the website.  The listings are going to be HUGE ;-) - and growing.  I don't sell split packs of findings on the website - it's just not practical to sell 2 jump rings online! - but if you come into the shop - I usually have a pack open and will sell you just 1 or 2 bits.

I will also be looking for a supplier of Fimo clay and all the moulds and tools - WOOOOHH

If you have any questions - want any advice - want me to find you anything in particular - seriously - just ask - I always do my best to help.
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SOOOO - back to counting jump rings then!


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