Saturday, 16 January 2016

Saturday Journal

something slightly different for our journal day - we are going to make a junk journal.

so - collect a heap of old cards.

Put a couple of the largest cards aside to make the covers.  On the back of the other cards mark the centre - measure 1 1/2" in either direction - and 1/2" in from the fold - draw a little box and cut off the sides.  When you have done 1 you can use it to mark up all the other cards.

Stack 4 cards inside each other for the page 'signatures'

Make the cover - cut a strip of card 3" wide and long enough to sit inside of each cover and have space in the middle for the pages.  Glue the hinge to the inside of one of the cards you saved.  Glue the card shut

Crease the card strip and measuer how much depth you will need by putting the page signatures on the cover - crease the other side of the card strip and glue the end inside the other cards you saved.

Take some twine - open up one of the signatures and wrap the twine through the middle and round the card strip a couple of times - tie together tightly.

Add all the other signatures the same way

And - your junk journal is done

Over the coming weeks I shall be using this to do my journaling in.  I will show you how to completly cover a page with different techniques so you can have a blank start - and how to use the various textures and finishes that are already on the card as a background.


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