Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday Journal page

Yeah!  Playing about in my journal with my Gelli plate.  I have worked really hard this week - sorting out after Christmas - started to get the website back up to date - making bandannas for Posh Dog - creating samples and 'how to' sheets to go to the Frankfurt Creative World show at the end of the month.  The samples and instructions will crop up on my blog here and on the Personal Impressions blog and facebook page over the next couple of months.

So this afternoon I took some time to just fiddle about.

The background paints are all Kaiser Colour tubes put on the Gelli plate - and I have discovered that the plate is brilliant for picking up paint on a rubber stamp.  I think it's the soft surface as opposed to the hard work top - the stamp picks up the paint much more evenly - that's the big blue spots.  The images are an old of  Dyan Reaveley's


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  1. Yay! Just managed a scroll back through the posts I haven't seen - far too many! You certainly have been busy and look as though you have PLANS!!!! The only plans I have seem to involve hospital, dentist, optician and a board meeting here! Hoping to escape this week so may see you!! Glad to see you have been having Gelli Plate fun!! Hugs, Chrisx


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