Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Year - New kitten

Happy New Year my lovelies - shop is open and I am back.  I hope you have all had a good break - re-charged the batteries - tidied up the jolly old crafting desk - and are itching to get launched into the new year.

I love the start of the year - new ideas - new projects - new routine.  Bit like starting a new exercise book when you were at school - all those possibilities!!!!

So - this year - just for you - kitten has a new program.  

The 1st week of the month - we will have a new kit - available in the shop - on line - or as just a download pattern via the website - or the Amazon Kindle.  This year I am going to expand the projects.  I am adding more sewing and crochet project ideas into the mix - and I may even throw in the odd paper or canvas project kit - just to mix it up a bit.  I have added a special section in the 'kits' category for the monthly releases and I will shout out on facebook when one is due - so keep an eye out.  All my kits are written with the beginner in mind - so it's all explained with no technical jargon.  The kits in the shop are self contained and have everything you need to complete the project (you will need a pair of 4mm knitting needles for the knitting kits - or a 4mm crochet hook for the crochet - that's because you only need the one for all the projects).

This month's kit is a very simple crochet ear warmer with a clever front 'knot'.

The 2nd week of the month we are going to work on a knitted pattern square.  The idea behind this series is to expand your knowledge and build your confidence by tackling new techniques with small, simple projects.  Each square knits up to the same size and has the same border frame so that you can sew them together and make larger projects.  4 sewn in a square make the front of a cushion (works up to fit a 16” square cushion pad – which we stock in the shop) – back with another 4 squares or plain fabric.  Several in a row will make a scarf – 3 x 3 or 4 will make a baby blanket – 4 x 6 or 8 will make a lap throw - or go the whole hog and make a bed throw.  You can make each square the same pattern – you can make each square different – you can create your own design by placing the squares in a pattern – knit in 1 colour – knit the rainbow - just experiment – shout me if you get stuck – and have fun.  I shall add the patterns to the crafter's corner section as well as the blog so  they can be free.

 You will need a pair of 6mm knitting needles to work each square – and a large blunt needle to sew them together.

The 3rd week - I am going to try to add a video to my YouTube.  I am still not very good at all this - but I hope to improve! - any requests for a project or technique would be welcome.

The 4th week I think I will go back to producing layout sketches.  We used to do this every month before I opened up the shop - time has beaten me since then.  You can use the sketches for a scrapbook layout - a card - or a canvas project.

I will be staying with the Personal Impressions team this year - loving every minute - so watch out for more of those projects and developments coming up.

All this is providing that the roof stays fine and the bloomin' ceiling doesn't fall in on me again!!!!



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