Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Right - I am open today. 

The police advice is don't travel unless you really need to, but I have just walked round the corner from my flat and I have tons to do. I am just starting to get organised again after the last flood - just beginning to get the work tops clear and things done - planning for the day. Every time I have got this far in the last few weeks the roof has leaked - so just wish me luck.

I haven't put much out the front - so you will have to excuse the pickle inside - and I do have a few jobs in the town to do this morning.

Henry has been very brave and faced the rain. He did ask if he really, really had too - but I told him he wasn't getting a day off just because it was raining and everyone would expect to see him.

So we are here if you want us - but don't put yourself at risk - email or facebook me if you want anything.

take care


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