Saturday, 24 October 2015

Next weeks mission

I won't have time to play with my journal today.  After the continuing saga of the roof - which leaked again this last week - I am way behind and the back room is piled high with stuff to sort out.

My mission of next week  - and I have no choice but to accept it ;-) - is to reclaim my little dinning area.  Now that I have finally got rid of all the shop display stuff that I have been hoarding for my son I can get myself organised again.  At the moment it's just a dumping ground with my sewing machine taking all the table.

 And a huge pile of stuff that needs sorting and finding a home for.  I am going to be really ruthless and take it all in hand.  I want to get a separate little table for my sewing machine so I can have my big table back and organise my clutter so that I can find everything easily.

I will let you know how I geton in the week.


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