Sunday, 20 September 2015

Posh Dog

I have knitted dog jumpers for the past couple of years - and for this winter I have gone totally overboard!

I have finally set up the Posh Dog as a separate business.  The lovely Sign Man from round the corner made me a new window sign from hubby's artwork and I have registered the name with the council.

I can't afford a new web site just for this - but I have set up a page on my kitten and goat site and linked to my princesskitten site with all the products listed.  Then I started off a new wordpress blog for Posh Dog - well it's my old kitten site renamed and added to - recycling is so cool.  I really struggle with Wordpress - so any advice would be welcome.  I have the idea of listing various products here and linking them to my web site and it will show up in all the searches stuff.  I have also tried to set up a Google+ page for the Posh Dog brand.  I haven't fully got to grips with google+ - but it seems to be something that is growing and it seems more open than Facebook.

I have been watching all sorts of youtube videos on how to get the best from listing and have spent a couple of hours refining all of my item descriptions and titles and adding the name to different places.

 - But I am being good - I have been stretched out on the sofa all day doing this - so it's still resting right ;-)

There is loads of stuff going on in the background here round here at the moment - and I have not had the time (or - for some of them - been allowed to) share everything with you.  I am hoping that in the next couple of weeks I will be able so get a decent schedule of postings going and keep everything up to date.

I am still collecting and designing patterns and ideas - and practising like mad.  The fleece dog coats are progressing nicely - and I am collecting data to design my own harness line and I am going to spend next weekend experimenting on those.  Keep tuned to my Princesskitten Facebook page for the new updates


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