Thursday, 24 September 2015

Exciting news

As loads of you know things have been stressed - frantic and manic round here for the past few months - some of you know what er have been up to - but now I can go public with some of the stuff that has been going on in the background.


Don't panic - it's not me - I am not moving - nothing is changing here - it's my son.  He is moving out of the Market Hall into his own place - yes the whole building!! 

It is going to be vintage computer gaming - DVDs - gaming accessories - clothing - pretty much the same as he is in the Market Hall - but now he has the space to bring all the outside events under one roof.  The evening will stt the place transform into a 'gaming hub'.  Table top games such as Magic the Gathering - Dungeons and Dragons - Pokemon - Yu-Gi-Oh - Games workshop - will have their own club nights and there will be learning / taster sessions and big event launches.

The Electrician is in at the moment re-wiring everything - and the joiner is in next week for the fittings.  It's the most stunning old building - and I have really fought to keep to tradesmen that understand that I wanted to keep it as authentic as possible.  There is a cellar and an attic - both of which will need restoring in the future to bring them into use.

It's been a long haul - but the opening should be the first week of October.


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