Tuesday, 4 August 2015

the hunt for a white pen

Now you all know that the mission (and I accepted it!) for the year was to find a reliable, good white pen that would highlight my Copic colouring - and doodle over mixed media without blotching, skipping, patching etc.  I have been struggling on with the Ranger inkssentials but it's pretty horrid - the first time a Ranger product has really let me down.

I have tried loads of white pens over the months - from all over the place - China and the USA included.  I have even tried white paint pens and - even nail painting pens.  I have tried pump action pens - gel pens - roller ball - fibre tip - anything I could find.  The only blank I have drawn is to get hold of a Sharpie white pen - I just can't get or import one from anywhere.  Very strange that one - but there you go.

Anyway - we have progress - and I think I have cracked it!!!

The winner - the Signo White gel roller ball pen - It's amazing.  Really wet and thick - you can gently tap it on for tiny spots and if you write over black it's smooth and consistent.  I just love it.

I have them in the shop and ON LINE HERE.

Try one - you won't go back.



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