Saturday, 6 June 2015

Saturday Journal page

No really a journal page today - but the potential to become one if left to play!  Look - what pretty yummies!!!!

These are my Gansai Tambi - they have arrived.  As everyone keeps saying - the colours are so amazing - totally different to what you would expect from a normal water colour palate.

I haven't got very far with colouring with them yet - I have just done the colour chart in the lid the way I want to use the colours so I can see how they will react.  I still have jobs to finish and I really want to be all up together so I can have a clear head.

I tried to get a Hot paper pad of a decent weight in a small size in the town and could not get anything that was exactly what I wanted.  I ended up getting a good weight cartridge paper in a larger pad - then I cut in half - and I used the loose papers along with some really heavy Not watercolour paper and made a book of my own with my bind-it-all.  I bound the short edge - and I used a pair of the canvas covered boards that zutter make..  I had to cut the boards to fit my pages - I used a craft knife and I can't believe how easily they cut - it was no effort at all.

I have stamped some images into the plain little book to start practicing on - and I have my eye on this months Cardmaking and Paper craft magazine - the free gift is a fantastic Oriental theme stamp set and if they don't all get sold I will have one before I send them back for credit. 

You can only get these watercolour paints direct from the makers in Japan - and the price does fluctuate with the exchange rate. Mine is the 36 set - which is the only set with the metallic colours.  They are not expensive when you compare them to other quality sets - and you can get the pans separately when you need to. 

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paint Set - 36 Colours

Gansai Tambi 24 color set

Gansai Tambi 18 colors set

Gansai Tambi 12 color set

It has taken me a couple of days to get this post sorted and linked to work properly - so I will share any journal pages tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks for the links Pandy, loving the larger set. Mr Mog forced me to order that one;) I love your book BTW. Do you sell the bind it all and zutter boards or do you make the books? Think it's a fab ideA


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