Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New blog for you

I just LOVE this guy!!!

Aaron - known as Imperfect Impulses on the web - is an art journaler who has a very 'hands on' approach.  I love his touchie-feelie way with paints and textures - his pages are very open and versatile. One day I am going to do a page his way along with one of his videos - mind you I think my poor little long suffering journal will fall apart .

There are not all that many guys in the craft world - and this one is such a sweetie pie.  I watch his stuff on youtube - and link to him on facebook - and he has a website too

I just love watching him work and listening to him talk.

I have been trying to set up a youtube channel for the kitten - and I kina think - there are just sooo meany really, seriously, clever folk out there - waaay more polished and professional than I could ever  hope to be in a million years - perhaps the time would just be better spent just watching them.

So drop in on Aaron and see if you like his way of doing things -  - it's different and challenging!



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