Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fabric bag

Who's the muppet that ver carefully and securely sewed the velcro fastening on back to front - and then wondered why it did not work - that would be me then!

I made an envelope bag to fit in my Gansai watercolours and a colouring book to carry around.  I measured so carefully where to put the second piece of velcro type fastening - and I put the hookie side down instead of up - see - we all do it ;-)  I very carefully unpicked it and turned it round.

Don't ask me for sizes - I just used to box as a template for the big front - then cut envelop shaped flaps for the back.  It is lined with some fabric that was gifted to me about 3 years ago - the bias is from the pattered bundles we have in the shop - and the red pompom is from the the felt trimmings that I am selling off

It takes my box and bits very comfortably. 

And I have actually used them this week


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