Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Paint brushes and roll

I made a new roll for my paint brushes.  Isn't this pretty?

The background is one of the heavier weight fabrics that I have - it's a canvas type cotton with words printed on it - suitable for me don't you think!  I have even managed to use one of the patterned bias bindings that I have had in the shop and been desperate to find an excuse to use.

I just love my pretty brushes - the all the handles are patterned

They go right down to tiny points - I only paint little things - I love adding tiny little details

They are actually nail art brushes - yes really - and they can take quite a bit of hammering from me as they for all the nail polish and remover that nail tecs use.

This is the type of thing I get.  The brushes have loads of different tips - they are very inexpensive and I am getting hooked on collecting all the different ones.



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