Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New bible page

don't you just hate it when you are supposed to be following a project and they use a stamp you can't get - don't let it get in the way - quite often you can sketch out a similar image.Rebekah used a stamp of piano keys - how hard can that be to draw!  

I coloured the keys with Distress inks by tapping the ink pad onto my glass mat to get a patch of ink to paint with and adding a drop of water.

I had to remember how to write a treble clef - but once I had the outline I trailed a loaded brush round the line.  PS - pencil lines don't rub out well on this really thin paper!

The script is a very old stamp of mine - I don't thing it's supposed to say anything - and it's sort of in French anyway.

Just thought I would show you this darling little paint brush set.  It's actually a set for nail art - I got it in Home Bargains for about a quid.  It's just so cute!



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