Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday - scrapbook page

This week has flown by again.  I am getting on with moving my stuff back in to the shop and unpacking boxes - some of my own craft stuff has been packed up for 4 months now.

Just look what I found

these gorgeous looking things are ink sticks - solid lumps of ink that you grind with water on a slate block to get ink to draw with - now how on earth do you really destroy those?  They are cast in 3D so the background of the figures drops behind them and painted in serious shiny metallics - all the tiny detail is just so beautiful

This one is coloured inks with the grinding stone - These  have Chinese lettering all down the front - but at least they are plain and they do stand a good chance of being used this year.

On to what you really want to see - a scrapbook layout for you.

Very simple start - choose your colour palate - draw a few scruffy line in a cross in the top right hand section of your backing paper - and roughly swipe over the flat of the ink pad to get a patchy effect

Then pile up some background swirls - ink a few random shapes - add some flowers - don't forget some gems ;-) - and cut your photo a shape to match.

All my swirls and flowers were inked with the same ink pads that I used to swipe the background squares - the solid diamond shapes are the same ink pads but the ink is picked up with a sponge and pressed through a stencil really heavily to get the more solid look.

I haven't even chosen a photo yet - Ijust had the inked squares in my head and wanted to see what it looked like.


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