Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Kitten's new shop

Right chaps - the big news is - I may be back in my shop at the end of next week. 

Don't ask me how - it still looks like a building site to me.

Latest photos - my beautiful new ceiling it is being plastered now and has loads of insulated board (there are about 3 layers in some places because it was so uneven.  They have covered in the new beam and all the construction work and it looks beautiful.

the passage way ceiling has also been covered - I so miss my 'wall of wool' can't wait to get it back (spent a huge amount at Simon's yesterday - it will be good to have somewhere to put it all!).  You can see that all the wall details have been left - which is fantastic.

oh - and - Darren - the man who CAN!!!!!!

They are going to give it a coat of paint for me - and do the bit of fixing I need - which is great for the old goad because he is still up to his eyes with the big animation project.

I am so looking forward to getting my spot beck - it's going to be such a great 'making' year.  Might even try to find myself a design place somewhere.


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