Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My poor little shop

I can't say work is progressing quickly - hey it's Christmas and I am warm and snug in my temporary spot so they can take their time and make it really, really smart.  I popped into Homebase and tried to get my teal paint colour mixed.  The chap was very polite - but -  can't be done madam - ?????? - new system - reduced colour choice - can't handle anything outside of the standard colour sample slips - just reverts to set colours - new system is total rubbish - you can have a sample of scanned colour (at £3.50) - but it won't match - ??? - WOT - I must have been a picture standing there a-gape - emailed dulux - can't believe that's for real.  I have had loads of colours mixed from the wierdest objects.

So - this is the roof being covered - don't know if they put in any insulation - but the panels are so itty bitty the plaster is going to have fun!  See where they have built supports for the old joist?

And this - - - this is my kitchen / back room!!!!!!!!

You can almost see a sink!!!!!

I will never again complain that I have made a mess!!!!!





  1. Such an exciting project! It will look fab when it's done. Before I got my air compressor, I used to get my gas here: http://www.sirstampalot.co.uk/index.php?cPath=501_502

  2. If you want refills, go here: http://www.artifolk.co.uk/back-to-college/back-to-college-pens-pencils-and-brushes/copic-various-ink-refills.htm


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