Saturday, 22 November 2014

upcycled Booth's project

Finally got an afternoon to myself to do a bit of crafting.  It has been frantic busy here  - I have been working on the stationery for a formal lunch and that has taken up all my time.  I don't like having to sit to work - it's really odd for me.  It's not doing my back any good either - my chiro said it would not be good for me!

Anyway - I have been tinkering about with the first verse of my poem.

I really miss my old work space.  This shop just does not have the creative 'vibe' that my old one does  (and I don't have half my stuff here) - I will be very pleased to get back  to my own space - especially with new window that's going in the roof - it's going to be amazing


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  1. Love how you finished this page! A window in the roof!!! Sounds great! Not long now - hang on in there!! Chrisx


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