Sunday, 12 October 2014

kitten's BIG adventure

Day 2 of the move - huge progress (Goat has the pics so have to wait for his camera) - we have got so much done.  The thing that just amazes me is - - - just - how on earth did I get all this stuff in to such a tiny little space?????

Sending out thanks to all the customers who knew about the move and came to show support and say hello - love you guys.

HUGE thanks to the lady ((and you know who you are (XX) )) who spent an hour just running back and forth with full boxes to move - - you got us sooo much further on - still catching up with what  you did today.  I can't say how grateful I am - I am so limited when it comes to the real hands on physical slog type stuff.

I think the 'stage is set' as they say - got to do loads of dressing and sorting out to do which will take me a couple of weeks gently plodding on.

Huge splash for Christmas - so you can see what we have to get the good old creative juices flowing.

Just drop by and test drive the shop layout and see how we can improve it for you


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