Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Posh Dog Clothing Co

Hi all - the contracts for the builders has been finalized and they 'should' be starting in the next couple of weeks.  Note the caveat 'should' - they have been messing about for months and we have gone from 'hope there is a roof for April' - ' what do we do if they are not finished by September and we have to start the Christmas run up!!!!!'

I am having a good old clear out while I wait - I know they are going to have to empty my back room at least as they have to rebuild the gutters and down pipes which are in the middle of my inside wall.  I shall have to wait to find out if they are going to empty the shop to work on the ceiling joists. - Don't worry though I will only be moving 2 shops up in to the one that they have kept empty - and they are going to give me a man to do all the actual packing and moving.

I have shoved all that to the back of my mind and started a new company.

The Posh Dog Clothing Co.
Building on the success of the dog jumpers - I have taken them over from Izzy and am extending the range.  As well as jumpers I am making bow ties, neck ties, bandannas, proper coats,  bed blankets - all sorts of doggie related bits really.

I am still working on the website and branding - but I have checked and there is not other company with this name - the closest is the Posh Dogs hot dogs from M&S - and I don't think they will get confused with my jumpers.  I have got loads of ideas - but at the moment I am concentrating on the ties and bandannas - and the scarves because they are such fun to knit.


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