Monday, 2 June 2014

The annual craft 'trade' awards


the contents of this article are just the personal opinion of a working crafter

OK chaps - you may remember that when I went to the craft trade awards in Feb and I decided that we were going to get the shop on the list to be voted for.

The Mission (and I accepted it) was to find out how to get a voice and be noticed for crafters.

After months of emails - it has taken this long to get a definitive answer - and this is what they said - complete response - 

'With regards to the Shortlist entries these are put together a few months before we open the voting to the public and are made up of companies that are featured in, or work closely with the magazine on a regular basis, and/or are known well to our readers. We always include an 'other' option for each category so that businesses such as yourself can be nominated by our readers and also so that you can encourage your customers to vote for you too – the more votes you receive the more likely you are to be featured on the shortlist the following year.'

Get the point there guys 'companies that are featured in, or work closely with the magazine on a regular basis'

- so basically you have to work for - give stuff to - advertise with - etc - the magazine to get a sniff in.

the 'sweetener' 'We always include an 'other' option' - soooo how on earth do I (and all the other tiny inspirational crafting others) get noticed - jeeps.

Basically I feel sorry for the crafters out there - there is so little room for new designers - new products - new ideas - and yes - us little craft shops serving you! - how sad.

I don't know about you - but I am always on a learning curve - I eat up any new inspiration that helps me grow in my craft work.  I feel My learning has been 'chopped off' because all the choice I get is Joanna Sheen and her CD images - that's not my style of crafting.

so - when the lists come out I will let you all know so you can put me as the 'other' - let's see if we can turn the tides!


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