Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saturday Journal page

It's Saturday - and I am having a go a bash at Zen tangles for my journal page.  I have a feeling  that it won't be finished today - but it's great fun.

I am getting more confident the more I do and I have just added all the loopy lines.

Also in the pipeline - a crochet kit for all of you who are asking for more crochet.

This is the prototype - it's a heart hanger with a bit of flower decoration.  Just got to make sure the pattern has no missed bits it ;-) - should be ready for next weekend.

Also - I concocted this - had it in my head for ages

It is knitted - building on the colour change work we have been doing - and a new technique to get the tops matching.  Not decided if it will be a cushion or a hanger yet - still working on the pattern.


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